How It Works

How It Works

For people with good credit, the car buying process has evolved in many ways thanks to companies like Vroom, Shift, and Carvana, but not so much for people with bad credit. The process for the credit impaired hasn’t improved in decades. Go online, search for "bad credit auto loans," complete an application and later receive a call from a local auto dealer you didn't choose, that doesn’t have the type of vehicle you’re looking for and, worse yet, is unable to secure financing for you. This method is a broken and outdated process that fails to serve the customer and the dealer.


Many dealers can assist customers with a FICO score above 625 and some as low as 575. Still, not everyone has the lenders, knowledge, and inventory to serve customers with a FICO score beneath 575. So why waste time trying to purchase a car from a dealer that cannot assist you? creates a better experience for people with diminished credit and the dealers that serve them. We accomplished this by matching dealers and the inventory they carry to a customer's FICO score.

Auto dealers listed on have been asked to specify the lowest FICO score they can generally serve. Before shopping for a car or a dealer, select the FICO score range that best describes you, and will display the dealers and inventory that most likely match your credit profile.

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Select your credit type and begin shopping for a car. Once you find the vehicle you like, you can apply for financing securely from our website. Enter your name, address, contact information, and the last four digits of your social security number and submit.


Have a question before you purchase? Not a problem. Use the "Ask My Dealer" form to quickly and discretely communicate with a dealer or call the number provided. Disclaimer: Criteria other than FICO scores factor into qualifying for car financing such as repossessions, bankruptcy, time on bureau, credit utilization, income and more. Talk to your dealer for details.

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